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How to Design a panel sign yourself

June 8th, 2023

So you’re ready to design a sign for your company van. Here’s a TOP NOTCH step-by-step guide to help you with your panel sign:


  1. SIMPLE : Keep your message concise and focused. Use as few words as possible to convey key information. A clear and simple message is more likely to be noticed and remembered. Your company name, tag line and contact details are key.


  1. BOLD: Use bold and contrasting colours: If you don’t already have brand colours, then choose a scheme that is vibrant and attention-grabbing. Use high-contrast colours for the text and background to enhance readability. Consider using complementary colours or colours that stand out against your vehicle colour.


  1. READABLE: Ensure that the text on your vehicle sign is easy to read, even from a distance. Select bold, legible fonts that are large enough to be seen clearly. Avoid using overly fancy or intricate fonts that may be difficult to read quickly.


  1. GRAPHICS : Incorporate relevant photos, logos, or images that trigger recognition of what you do. Ensure they are clear, easily recognizable, and not overly complex. Keep in mind that the vehicle will be moving, so simplicity is key. Using high resolution images will ensure quality print without pixilation. There are plenty of stock images to choose from if you don’t have your own.


  1. FOCAL POINT : Consider size and placement. Place the most critical information where it will be easily seen, such as on the sides or back of the vehicle. People read while waiting in traffic.


  1. VEHICLE TYPE: Take the shape and size of the vehicle into account when designing the sign. Optimize the layout to fit the available space and complement the vehicle’s contours. Avoid overcrowding or cluttering the sign.


  1. DYNAMIC GRAPHICS : Incorporate elements that create a sense of movement or dynamism, even when the vehicle is stationary. This could include arrow-like graphics, flowing lines, modern abstract light effects or geometric shapes. Movement patterns tend to attract attention.


  1. TEST: Simulate the viewing conditions by printing a scaled-down proof of your design. If using software like Canva, choose PDF Standard or PDF Print for your download. Assess if the text and visuals are legible from a distance. Make adjustments as needed to improve visibility and readability. Ask for opinions.


  1. PROFESSIONAL HELP: If you lack design skills or need assistance, the team at TOP NOTCH SIGNS & GRAPHICS are happy to help. We can provide valuable insights and work with you to create a design proof that matches your business needs and ensures a professional-quality result. If you send us your logo, a few photos/images, contact details and a list of your services, we can create a great design for you.



Remember, the final design should effectively communicate your message, be visually appealing, and capture the attention of onlookers in a short span of time. Magnetic and vinyl vehicle signs are the perfect way to build awareness of your business. At TOP NOTCH SIGNS & GRAPHICS LTD we only use high quality materials ensuring your signs will last and withstand UV fade and rain.

UK FlagMade in the UK
Nationwide Delivery
Quality Controlled Production
Safe and Secure Ordering

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