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Some Example Sizes

Transit - 1100mm x 500mm
1200mm x 600mm

Connect 900mm x 500mm

Traffic 800mm x 500mm
1m x 500mm shaped

magnetic signs
Astra Van 900mm x 300mm
600mm x 200mm

magnetic signs
VW Transporter
900mm x 400mm

magnetic signs
Citreon Despatch 900mm x 500mm
800mm x 400mm

magnetic signs
Renault Kangoo 1m x 400mm

magnetic signs
Fiat 500 600mm x 200mm


Shaped Magnetic Van & Car Signs

shaped magentic van sign 

Shaped Magnetic
Van & Car Signs

shaped magentic car signs 

Shaped Magnetic
Van & Car Signs 

magnetic lettering 
Magnetic Lettering
& Shaped Magnetic Signs


Magnetic vehicle signs for cars, vans and trucks. Metallic magnet chevron stickers and mags.

magnetic car signs and magnetic van signs, stickers, stencils and lettering

Discounts for signs with the same print. Pairs:


Magnetic Vehicle Signs & Graphics


Magnetic car and van signs can be removed and refitted as often as you like. All our vehicle signs and stickers are laminated, scratch proof and UV stable. They can include text, logos, full colour photos and images. Often rectangular but we can cut to any shape and available with radius corners.

High visibility magnetic chevron markings to chapter 8 regulations. Hi viz retro reflective chevron marking kits for highway and motorway maintenance vehicles.

Fully reflective magnetic signs available for great nighttime advertising. Fridge magnets and magnetic business cards. Magnetic stencils and magnetic lettering.


magentic stickers and signs for cars and vehicles

Magnetic Signs

Remove and replace as many times as you like

Price list for some popular sizes.

600 x 200mm (24x8") - pair
600 x 300mm (24x12") - pair
600 x 400mm (24x16") - pair
400 x 400mm (16x16") - pair
600 x 600mm (24x24") - pair
700 x 300mm (28x12") - pair
700 x 400mm (28x16") - pair
800 x 300mm (32x12") - pair
800 x 400mm (32x16") - pair
800 x 500mm (32x20") - pair
900 x 300mm (36x12") - pair
900 x 400mm (36x16") - pair
900 x 600mm (36x24") - pair
1000 x 400mm (40x16") - pair
1000 x 600mm (40x24") - pair
1200 x 500mm (48x20") - pair
1200 x 600mm (48x24") - pair
1500 x 600mm (60x24") - pair
1800 x 600mm (72x24") - pair

Order online then email artwork or details


See Discount Table above

For other sizes or a quote please enquire.


All price are
+ delivery & VAT

stickers and signs for vehicles

Shaped Rear Panel Magnetic Signs - for van back panels

A pair of magnetic signs shaped to fit the rear panels of your van.

Berlingo / Partner DD 00-07
Berlingo / Partner DD 08-Pr
Dispatch / Expert DD 00-07
Dispatch / Expert DD 08-Pr
Nimo / Bippa / Fiorino
Relay / Boxer Ducato DD 06-Pr
All New Transit 14-Pr
Transit DD 2000-14
Transit Custom DD 2013-Pr
Ford Courier 14-Pr
Connect DD 02-13
Connect (new shape) DD 12-Pr
VW Caddy DD 04-Pr
VW Transporter DD 03-Pr
VW Transporter TG 03-Pr
Crafter / Sprinter DD 07-Pr
Vito DD 04-Pr
Vito TG 04-Pr
Kangoo DD 08-Pr
Master / Movano DD 04-10
Master / Movano DD 10-Pr
Combo DD 01-12
Combo / Doblo DD 12-Pr
Traffic / Vivaro DD 01-14
Traffic / Vivaro DD 14-Pr
Nissan NV200 09-Pr
Iveco Daily 99-14
Iveco Daily 14-Pr

Order online then email artwork or details


See Discount Table above.

DD - Double Door
TG - Tailgate

-Pr = to Present

All price are
+ delivery & VAT

stickers and signs for vehicles

Fridge Magnets and Magnetic Business Cards

Full colour, gloss laminated.

Order online then email artwork.

100 Fridge Magnets
200x Fridge Magnets

Choose from dropdown menu.
80mm x 50mm
60mm x 60mm
60mm diameter
80mm x 50mm Oval


Fridge Magnets &
Magnetic Business Cards

magnetic chevron kits

Chevrons - Magnetic & Self Adhesive Chevron signs and Kits

HiViz Yellow - Retro Reflective Red

Chapter 8 compliant chevron markings
for Highway and Motorway Maintenance vehicles.

click image for Chevrons Page.

High Visibility Chevrons

magnetic stencils

Magnetis Stencils

Great for marking skips, tools and other steel objects

Apply stencil and spray or paint through. Remove and reuse many times.

800mm x 400mm
800mm x 600mm
1m x 600mm
1.2m x 600mm



Hazchem Magnetic Plates

Hazardous Chemical plates - fully magnetic

Reflective or non reflective

Non Reflective each
Reflective each



magnetic number plates

black numbers
or Non Reflective

Number Plates

Fully Magnetic or Self Adhesive Number Plates

Not road legal. Ideal for trailers and shows

Magnetic Number Plate
S/A Number Plate
Non Reflective Magnetic
Non Reflective S/A



QR codes

180mm x 180mm

Magnetic QR codes

Pair of Magnetic QR codes

Fully magnetic

QR Code Mags, Pair

Order online the email your QR



magnetic magnet sheet material supplies

Magnetic Sheet Material - 620mm wide x 0.75mm thick.

Plain brown. Convert your stickers to magnetic

Cut with scissors or craft knife




magnet roof signs

Magnetic Roof Signs

A Great way to advertise any business

Popular for school of motoring but can be used to promote any business.

Click image for Magnetic Roof Signs.

Available with internal illumination or reflective graphics for great nighttime advertising.

magnetic care sheet

Magnetic Care Sheet

Magnetic Signs are great way to advertise but they do need to be treated with a little care

Please check out our care sheet to ensure you get many year from your signs

Remember they are Magnetic Not Magic !
Treat with care and follow the Care Sheet.
Click image for care sheet.

Do not leave on wet or dirty vehicles. Moisture can ingress into signs and may cause blistering if left unchecked.